May 2021:
Website V.1
Development Beginning with CryEngine Game
Core team building
Q3 2021:
Website V.2
Strategic partner selection
Completion of Seed round
Development of monetization model
Q4 2021:
Token deploy
Marketing campaign launch – aggregation of the early community
Internal CryEngine MVP ready
Q1 / Q2 2022:
Beginning of Marketplace development
Development of referral systems
Community aggregation
NFT rendering
1’st NFT collection sale
Vesting schedule and Smart Contracts
Private sale investment
IDO, DEX listing
NFT with referral income for clan creators in beta version
Beta Server release – Battle Royale Game mode for top-10 players in every match + per-kill rewards
Beta Marketplace launch
Version 1.1 launch – An Open world where players can run around, collect, and trade recourses or even buy a house, Referrals for quests and tournaments, Battle Royale mode still available, Access to the game and NFTs are also sold in MASD tokens
Q3 / Q4 2022:
Version 1.2 launch – two open world maps, tournaments with BUSD and MASD rewards, User generated content available on the Marketplace, PVE game mode and corresponding referrals
Cooperation with gamefi guilds
Worldwide marketing campaign
CEX listing
International team expansion
Marketplace and DAO launch
Addition of special player skins with extensive abilities
NFTs with referral income for clan creators in 1.2 version
Introduction of NFT rent and collateral
Addition of gear items with extensive abilities
Addition of tactical maps for clan combats
Q1 2023:
Cross-Chain Marketplace launch
Sale of customized gear
DAO expansion
Release of mobile Beta version
Q2/Q3 2023:
Expansion of MASD universe
In-game multichain functionality
Addition of 2 MASD games new maps -> for short battles (combats), for Battle Royale
Addition of aircrafts and NFT sale of special gear
Localization of 3 languages
Reward system for daily visiting
Fixed price sales for loyal players
Notification system of changes to the game
Addition of personal messaging service between players
Q4 2023:
Localization of 10 more languages
Introduction of daily tasks
Introduction of barter (item swap) mechanics
PvE mode improvments
Revision of achievements system
Release of final mobile version
Accelerator – a platform by MASD and partners for acceleration the development and launching new games
Q1 2024:
Introduction of underground world
Introduction of sea battles
Beginning of the development of a new product on a new blockchain and a new engine
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