What is MASD?

AAA-class 3D multiplayer game with blockchain technology based on Unreal Engine.
MASD GAMES is a 3D multiplayer shooter using blockchain technology. Players have to complete tasks, buy equipment and destroy opponents. Your goal is to survive and collect as many rare metals as possible....
After the introduction of artificial intelligence around the world, smart machines began to rule the earth! Almost all life was destroyed! In some countries, hunger began and the struggle for life between people. To this extent, rare metals have become the currency, and a real hunt between machines and people has begun for them....

Target audience

MASD should not be considered as a game for blockchain players. This is the first 3D game for a large global audience of players in general. Absolutely no prior knowledge about cryptocurrencies is required. Because of this, we compare mainly with the usual gaming market and focus on the same players. A much larger audience than previously observed in the field of blockchain games, and the associated wider opportunities for income generation.

We conducted an analysis of the target market of games for inspiration, such as PUBG, APEX, CS:GO and RUST. The conclusions are summarized on pictures below. What is interesting is that we are competing in an underserved market in the field of 3D games on the blockchain.We conducted an audit of the closest competitors from the genre of "SHOOTER" 3D games.Our filters include games that have been released in this genre over the past 5 years.